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TLC 01/5, 12

Yumfuck Tiberius Troll Named by Hagan, from James T., 01/12. Likes Hagan.

Noticed by Leira on her first visit to Oriceran. she talked to him, and petted him (much to Correk's dismay). when she was about to return, and the portal was just closing, he squeezed through, joining her on Earth.

Leira learned things about the Troll – that he could learn English, one word at a time, that he was ALWAYS in a hurry, that he could be destructive, that he had sharp teeth (dented a spoon), that his emotions were connected to hers and he would change size and shape depending on her emotional input, that he could tear through and destroy her apartment and drawers, and that he would be with her everywhere. Bonded for life.

Always looking for food. Can eat many tines his weight in one day. LOVES Cheetos (yellow cheese dust- YUM !), chocolate of any sort, BACON, and junk food.

Loves to sleep in a shoebox, in her underwear ( likes polka dots,new pair every day, from Target), with a washcloth as a blanket, and in the side pocket of her slacks or jacket, curled in a pair of her underwear. LOVES to dance and show off at Full Moon Party, TLC 02/12

Was a big hit at the Comicon.

Became Leira's advisor. Could talk in sentences all of the time, just was putting one over on the humans to talk shorthand. TLC 04/7

(See Species, Trolls) …