Voodoo Doughnuts

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TLC 01/7

Doughnut shop, Austin TX, a sure stop for many people on their way to work in the morning-

Voodoo Doughnuts , open every day, all day long, only took cash, no exceptions. Oversized plastic American flag stretched from floor to ceiling across one wall, doughnut-tree sculpture, colorfully painted columns and stood behind a guy whose spiky hair looked like it had lived through a rough night. “S’up sweetie?” he said in a deep voice, his eyes only half open. He smiled, revealing tobacco-stained teeth. Part of the Doughnuts menu: Old Dirty Bastard, No Name, Grape Ape, Maple Bars, Raspberry Romeos, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Homers (a strawberry iced doughnut with sprinkles), glazed, plain cake, coffees