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TSoNM 01/10 Shifters cannot do magic, cannot cast spells, so tended to be stronger and faster than most, and because they lacked the ability to do actual spells they put their energies into sports.

In both the magical community on Earth and on Oriceran, shifters were thought of as second-tier magical beings. Most of them started out as ordinary human beings and were turned into shifters by some sort of dark magic, but there was no going back once the creation was complete—and once they carried that gene, their children, grandchildren, and those down the line also ran the risk of becoming shifters. Luke had been born that way, another jock in a long line of wolf-shifters. These creatures could be very helpful, since their animal was usually strong-willed, vicious when needed, and able to withstand strong magical blows. But because they held only the ability to shift, they were shunned. It also didn’t help that when they shifted they became massive scary wolves, which frightened the magical and non-magical alike. That was how the human tales of the werewolves had begun, the biggest difference being that typical shifters didn’t hunt human prey—and most of them were pretty decent when one got to know them.

When Kathleen cast an over-ambitious spell at Ethan, Luke caught the orb bare-handed and crushed it to dust, and Kathleen gaped as the dust settled into a pile at Luke’s feet. Ethan thanked him.

TSoNM 01/13 Elias Hodges, teaching a Transfiguration class on shifters: Some shifters are first-generation, meaning they were changed by dark magic. Others come from a long line of shifters, some even dating back to the first ones to set foot on Earth from Oriceran. We can change at any time, but most of us stick to dark nights so we don’t cause a panic. “Shifters are extremely loyal creatures. They not only bond with their pack like a family, they will be there for those they care about no matter what.” “Yes, another great example. Shifters don’t think of family the same way humans do. To shifters, a brother or sister may be someone they have never met until they get together with their pack. As far as helping others, we bond with people and vow to keep those people safe from harm, no matter what.

TSONM 06/7 Shifters had always kept to themselves or with their packs and didn’t really socialize with the others in the magical community. Up until twenty years before, the fear of shifters hadn’t even come close to what it was now. During one of the many rises of the dark families on Earth, one specific dark family had decided that they would attempt an experiment, creating new shifters from kidnapped humans. At first, it seemed like the idea was perfect. The dark family thought they’d created a race of wild beasts that was theirs to command, one that would attack the light magic beings and anyone in their way. However, it didn’t take long for the dark family to realize that this plan was seriously flawed. The shifters didn’t listen to just anyone. They only listened to their pack leader, the Alpha. Since their creation, the shifters had turned their backs on the dark family, taken out some of the main members, and tried to reclaim their lives.

The dark families started their revenge. They poisoned the shifters in public settings, including places of work within the human community, rallies in the middle of big cities, and during commute hours when it was crucial that a shifter control their powers. The magical community was aware of the issue, but bad blood had already spread, and it stayed that way for many years.

Example, at the School: The students from the dark families gave Farrell a hard time(Running for Student Body President). One of them asked him for a poster, and about his campaign. Farrell just stared at him, but Allen, his friend, cleared his throat and puffed out his chest. “I thought you dark kids didn’t care about this stuff?” The dark magic kid gritted his teeth and shifted his stare to Farrell. “We don’t. We were just curious how our creations were doing out here in the world.” Farrell stepped into the wizard's face. “Say that again, but this time picture your creation ripping your throat out.” (The student was leader of the dark groups at the school, and well versed in dark magic, so was a "wizard, at least in name."