Rooney’s Antiquities and Oddities

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TDC01/02 Owned and run by Daniel and his grandfather, who lives in the upstairs apartment. Rooney’s Antiquities and Oddities, offered for sale—everything from self-playing checkerboards to rare action figures, and all manner of unusual items in between. Nothing too impressive, but nothing too normal either. The shelves contained various items - One shelf contained hundred-year-old candlesticks and a set of equally old silverware in a wooden box. On the opposite shelf sat the self-playing hand-carved checkers set, still waiting patiently for Daniel to make his next move. A little farther on was a shelf filled with small figurines, sculptures, and paintings that depicted several different races on Oriceran, elves and dwarves,and others , like the insectoid species and living rocks. Peter, Grandfather, ran the shop when Daniel was away with CIA work. His view was, "Not that I think this shop needs somebody here fulltime. I like the idea of it having erratic hours. It adds to the mystique and that kind of garbage. Helps me raise the prices.”

Every single piece on any shelf was at least fifty years old, if not older. All were made long before the truth of Earth’s magical sibling had surfaced.

In the back of the shop was another room, where Tommy and Daniel liked to hang out. Shelves and racks filled with comic books in plastic sleeves surrounded a large table in the center of the room, mostly DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse. A careful check of the room by an alert fan would have revealed a distinct pattern—every book was a hero title, with not even a single questionable antihero in the mix.

In the basement was a vault where his parents had stored all their tomb raiding treasures prior to their disappearance. Too many memories down there. Too many that didn’t involve Daniel.