Roller Rink-O-Rama

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TSONM 03/13 When they walked through the front door, they all stared. Everything was covered in soft velvet except the floors, which had wild geometrical shapes all over them in bright colors. To the left was a concession stand with a popcorn maker, a Slushee machine, and one of those hot dog cookers with the rollers. To the left were some large round benches, also covered in worn-out velvet, and the skate exchange. Izzie stood at the counter next to Alison, exchanging their shoes out for a pair of skates. Out on the floor, they heard several people shouting and at least three thuds when people wiped out hard. Izzie saw Claire and Scarlett skating with a look of boredom on their faces while and Henry jostled and ribbed several of the younger kids as they plowed around the rink, doing ridiculous dances Wyatt to the late 90s early 2000’s boy bands pumping through the speakers.