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TLC 01/14


The post office could be seen in the distance. The imposing building rose high out of the mist. The gargoyles had never seen the need to hide the building. Everyone already knew where the building was. It was built out of pale yellow stone from a nearby quarry that was now a fresh water swimming hole used by children and stocked with fish, including a mislabeled tadpole that had grown into a hundred-foot lizard that kept mostly to itself at the very bottom, hundreds of feet below. It was easy to convert the building into a post office once the potion books were transferred to the gnomes’ vault at the back of the library and the medicinal herbs were carefully moved to a secret location. The one-room building stretched upward for a thousand feet and was a perfect square, each wall was five thousand, two hundred and eighty feet. A two-seat trolley ran on tracks that wove through the building, See 01/14, pg 129, for more detail.