Police Station

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TLC 01/7

Austin Texas, Earth

Detectives were grouped by division and housed in different parts of the city. A few were at the Main, like Robbery and some of Homicide, along with all the top brass on what was referred to as the Fifth Floor. The rooms were classic government fare with green cubicles, ugly metal desks, ugly grey carpet with small maroon diamonds, and tech sprinkled here and there. Most of the detectives worked elsewhere. Internal affairs, special investigations unit, organized crime and narcotics were in over on the northeast side, off Rutherford. The Motorola building over by interstate 183 housed more of the detectives and support teams. Initially, Leira had been offered a sector detective spot to work minor cases that didn’t end up with other teams, like assaults that weren’t family violence or robberies. A way to get to know the job before picking a specialty.