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Land in Other Dimension, small (could see it from King's Castle)

The entire kingdom was nestled in a valley near a mountain range, overlooking a wide green valley. Castle invisible, because you can't attack what you can't find. Elves had make it visible (magic), if Leira was to see it, altrhough she could stand on/in it and know it was there.

Castle: The center of the floor was inlaid with a cursive O inside the same style of crown the king was wearing. It was bracketed by Irish wolfhounds sitting at attention in mosaic tiles. The wall had space for windows that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. An oversized crystal chandelier blossomed from the ceiling, while the room seemed to furnish itself. Everything glowed around the edges. Cut glass pitchers that sang melodies when touched, gold framed paintings that came to life as one looked at them, and carved wooden trays with leaves growing from the edges. Land dispute settled by decreeing the larger estates lift their castles up into the clouds.

The Royal Relics Room: This room is kept hidden at all times. Objects that have powers of their own to begin with are kept here. Many of these relics were made stronger. Elves over the centuries have gathered together and imbued certain objects with some of their own power. It’s a kind of safekeeping, meant for future generations or when more power than a single Elf can provide may be needed.

These are the royal gardens. This is a maze. It’s really for the young Elves’ amusement. We can make our way to the queen’s garden, among the enchanted trees.

Golden Chestnut Grove. They grow to be over two hundred feet tall and can be found all over the kingdom. Many of the trees were species brought from Earth, most of them transported over thirteen thousand years ago before the portals closed. Moon haldi blossoms. They only bloom when our moons are out together, like tonight.”

Creatures in the Kingdom: the Witches and Wizards who keep to themselves. Many of them belong to an Order that serves a group known as the prophets. There are Dark Elves who live on the other side of the Great Forest, and the Wood Elves who inhabit parts of the forest and watch over it. The king mentioned them when we arrived. He was trying to avoid them,” “Are they dangerous?” “No, there’s a treaty. Those days have passed. He was trying to avoid letting it be known we willingly brought a human over to this side.”

Portals: But the gates are going to start to open in my lifetime.” “Your lifetime will turn out to be longer than you imagined, and then some. But yes, there are only twenty years or so till the gates start to very gradually open again and Earth will be introduced to a rise in magic, whether they like it or not. Eventually, nothing will keep the two worlds from becoming enmeshed.” TLC 02/8 And our worlds are not completely in sync. It’s part of what makes going through the portals so dangerous.