Leanan Sídhe

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TUMB 01/3 Brownstone's favorite bar. Good place to meet, and also has Amazing Malty, a beer-drinking dog (from the bottle), as an attraction.

TUMB 02/4 Has a Bard of Filth singing competition which the Professor has won, and in which he competes annually, as he does not want to give up his title.

TUMB 02/6 Secretly owned by The Professor.

TUMB 04/10 Bard of Filth competition- O'banion extracts promise of participation by Brownstone if he will give him things to help in the fight with the assassins. Brownstone must sing (not mumble or growl) such ditties as : “There once was a man from Nantucket “Whose dick was so long he could suck it “He said with a grin “While wiping his chin “If my ear were a hole, I could fuck it.”


“There was an old mayor of Bombay, “Who fell asleep in his office one Sunday, “He awoke with a scream, "’What, another wet dream? “This comes of not fucking since Monday."