Lavender Rock

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TLC 02/6

Lavender Rock, a kemana.” (See Kemana)

TLC 02/6 “The kemana. It’s a place on Earth where the Oricerans who were here thousands of years ago stored as much energy as they could. They created different places where they’d be able to gather energy later, just in case.” “Like an emergency battery. You mean in case they wanted to get home.

Origin of the lavender stones in Prince Rolim's magic necklace. TLC 01/2

Only twenty miles from Leira's home in Austin, in McKinney State Park. The road wound back to the right till it reached an oversized lavender-colored crystal spread over three acres. Lavender Rock. The sides jutted out, making a natural staircase to the top that was flat and fairly smooth, and big enough to lay out a blanket and relax or hang out with friends.