Kill the Willing (IFNE 01/misc) Miscellaneous Locations

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IFNE 01/misc sites Shay's first job, finding the Nazi Super-Persuasion Pins, took place in Lake Toplitz, in Austria. One mile long, over 300 feet deep, and over 1000 feet wide.

The second retrieval, the Lost Dutchman Gold, took place in Baja California Sur, as Shay decided to go after the gold, not try to find the mine (which was in SW USA). Was in the mountains, high up enough to be in shrubs and bushes. Had to go into a small cave, with bats, tunnels, etc. Lined with skeletons, rotted clothing, etc. This was in Mexico, in Nuevo Gulf Cartel Territory. She had run up against that organization before, and was not looking forward to meeting with them again. She did, and was victorious.

The third retrieval, the Oriceran Stone, was off of Nova Scotia, on a small island called Oak Island. The stone had been buried there since 1795, and due to all of the searching for treasure that had preceded her attempt, there was absolutely no way to tell which of the many pits, tunnels, and cave-ins might have been the original one. Protected by some sort of sea wall which had kept the ocean at bay, until it was blown in this retrieval, and the entire site was flooding when Shay left. The two Alpha Explorers owners were at the bottom of one of the tunnels, dead or drowning.

The last retrieval was in Paris, where a riddle, to be solved, would locate the site of the stolen owl. Look from the old café, and you’ll see the first point. It serves the heart’s needs.The second point is at the oldest that serves the body’s needs.The last point is at the oldest that serves the soul’s needs. The clues were hinting at some sort of triangle, with the target presumably in the middle, but without knowing the points, that left an entire city to search. Shay had been visiting cafes and looking out at the streets from tables for most of the day. She still had no idea what the café clue could mean. Shay had interpreted the oldest cafe to be the Café Procope, the Louvre Pyramid to be the heart's needs, and the oldest church in Paris, The Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which would serve the soul's needs. These three points would form a triangle, which would pinpoint the location of the owl. A helpful map application pinpointed an old mansion snuggled in a commercial district. That stood out enough that she didn’t doubt she was on the right track. The last clue, Burn the holy lamp and prove your faith with the holy fire. Only then will the prize be revealed would pinpoint the site within whatever location was found.