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TLC 01/24

green sectors, on Earth

It’s common for the magical communities here on Earth to live near what are known as kemana or green sectors. They are locations on Earth that have large amounts of quartz imbued with magical energy. It was done before the portals closed the last time. They’re used as a kind of charging station so that Oricerans can maintain at least a minimum of magical ability. They’ve also become a way for different species to find each other. Like a community bulletin board.

Leira remembers something. Lavender Rock. I knew I’d seen it before. That massive quartz cliff just outside of Austin. That necklace is from there, isn’t it? That piece of jewelry comes from my world. Wait a minute. Magic…exists…in…my…world. TLC 01/5

"Lavender Rock did something to me. Still a buzz going right through me. That’s it! Everyone there looked like they were absorbing something… " TLC 01/7 “The green shows places where people live longer with far fewer health issues. Santa Barbara is one of them. So is Austin, Texas, or here in the Mediterranean and in Sweden. This is where it all started. Where I first saw the connections.” Somers talking to his Dean, on the discovery of "green places" on Earth, with tales of giants, strange creatures, etc. Possible portal entrances, as well as living areas. TLC 01/9

TSoNM 01/14 Hidden Earth Class. After a map of the school was drawn above the class, Mrs Grant started talking. “A kemana is a power source, something that holds a massive amount of energy and slowly leaks it out on Earth. Usually it is some sort of stone or rock, but there have been times where a strong-enough magical being has put it in an artifact. Now, these kemanas are our recharging stations, if you will. Our magic wanes here on Earth and there are only three ways to renew that energy: artifacts, kemanas, or a trip to Oriceran.” Strands of white light that ran through the map of the school. “The School of Necessary Magic was built on top of a kemana. This kemana in the ground beneath our feet keeps the steady flow of magic our school needs at full capacity. It enhances all the magic on this property, so you may feel a difference in your magic here versus off the school grounds. It is not as strong as going to Oriceran, but it is enough for what we are doing here. There are kemanas scattered all over the Earth, protected by underground cities.” A diagram of a kemana and underground city appeared in the textbook.. There were shops, magical beings, and even places to live. To the right was a train station, but it too was underground. A magical railway system connects all the kemanas. This country has its own, and the others do as well. You can be sure that wherever there is a kemana, there is an entrance to its underground city somewhere. You can also be sure that where there is a cluster of Starbucks, there will be an entry to the railway platform for that area.” it wasn’t always Starbucks, of course, but as time has gone by we have found that there was a large enough diversity in clientele, and that they are always packed. Therefore, no one would notice people walking down the bathroom hall and disappearing into the magical wall. “So anyone magical can just stand in a kemana and basically fill up?” Mrs. Grant first asked everyone to stand up. feel anything? No. Waved her wand . Feel anything? The buzz of energy below surged up her body and through her chest and arms and she instantly felt renewed, more awake, and ready to continue her day as if she had just woken up from a long sleep. Her body tingled from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

TSoNM 01/18 The group decide to break the rules, and visit Ruby Falls, the name of the kemana associated with the School. When they reached the bottom, they walked through a large archway with the name “Ruby Falls” etched into the stone and looked out in awe at the bustling little city. There were magical creatures everywhere, all of them in their true magical form. Shops lined the streets and the various fragrances of delicious food wafted through the air. The ceiling was like the one in the mansion, magically created to show night and day. “At night the sky looks like Oriceran’s, complete with the two moons,” Emma whispered. Izzie was in awe, watching the creatures sweep the floors, barter, and even drink at a small pub to the side. She had never seen anything like that—at least not that she could remember. It didn’t surprise her, though. She had grown up in a non-magical orphanage, so obviously they hadn’t taken any field trips to magical underground cities. “Do these people live here?” Ethan looked at her. “Many of them do. I heard they got tired of trying to conform to what the humans felt comfortable with, so they moved down here. They don’t have to enchant their skin, they maintain a constant charge of their magic, they are among their people, and they can make the place feel like home. Apparently not all of them found Earth to be all that it was cracked up to be when they came through the portal.” “I can understand wanting to be with your own people,” Alison mumbled, ignoring Kathleen’s side glance. There were a lot of magical creatures there, but she still didn’t see anyone with Drow energy. She pulled her hair back and twisted the ends under into a messy bun. If the book was right and people were afraid of her kind, she wanted to make sure no one had a clue that she was a Drow. She didn’t need the entirety of the underground city chasing her with pitchforks and torches—not when it was her first time there.