Estelle's Bar

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TLC 01/2, et al

Business in Austin Texas, Earth, home to Leira

On Rainey Street, Austin Tx. Small blue house, patio, guesthouse in back (rented to Leira, free, for bouncer services). Neon sign, Estelle's, string of white lights hanging from porch. Fenced, gated (private, for guest house). Estelle liked having cops around (kept away the lower elements of the neighborhood). A weathered and faded long wooden bar, with box behind it so that Estelle could be tall enough to service the customers, fill the peanut bowls, etc. . Battered old license plates from Estelle’s travels decorated the sides. Clusters of tiny white lights hung in bunches overhead. To even be considered a regular here, have to want to be a part of Leira's Society. That’s what they called themselves (Craig, Scott, Lucy, Mitzi and her schnauzer, Lemon, Paul, ). Like a family,” Lucy said. “An over-protective, Texas-sized family.” Secret from Leira. Sponsors the bowling team of regulars (The Pin Pushers TLC 01) and the soft-ball team (The Ice-Cold Pitchers TLC 03/7)) Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures, a local band that played at Estelle’s more than once.