Eleanor Hudson

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TSoNM 01/3 Teaches magical history and basic spells at School of Necessary Magic. Had a bright green glowing aura that Alison could see, with different streams of light floating around her. She was a relatively powerful witch, but she kept that hidden and stayed in the background. She was a serious woman with a slight bit of whimsy, though she didn’t let that show very often. She wore square black-rimmed glasses and a black lace button-up top. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a loose but tidy bun at the nape of her neck and she smiled kindly at Alison, years of trials creating wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Will be helping Alison with her orientation.

TSoNM 01/10 First day of class. . The first day of class was always invigorating for her. There were fresh minds just waiting to be filled. She knew, even if they didn’t, that Basic Spells and History was one of the most important classes they would ever take. There were so many magical beings who were never taught the basics and the history behind it all. They were the ones who ended up with a Fixer pounding on their door, if not worse. Everything the students would learn from there on out would be based on her class, which made her proud. A smiling Mrs. Hudson stood at the door handing each student a textbook, her eyes looking each over through her thick black-rimmed glasses.

TSONM 02/19 History teacher. this semester. She was, satisfied that everyone had shown. She was used to people trying to skip out on history, since it wasn’t as exciting and glitzy to them as the classes they got to perform spells. At the same time, she felt it was just as, if not more, important than knowing how to cloak someone. If you didn’t understand history and the future, you would be left in the dark with magic. There is a ton of history of Earth leading up to that point, but for this class, we will start with the last time the gates were open thousands of years ago.”

TSONM 05/14 An ex-Silver Griffin. Has seen LOTS of darkness, so will stand by Berens,school and students, no matter what