Driskill Hotel

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TLC 02/06

Hotel, Austin Texas.

Supposedly haunted. Cell of the In Between world there.

     The hotel was built out of brick and limestone just after the Civil War. It was ornately decorated, with curved openings, and busts of the founder and his two sons on the peaks of the facades still watching over everything.“They say this old hotel is haunted,” Scott remarked. “You don’t believe in ghosts, do you? Leira asked Correk.

Correk’s face grew solemn. “Not ghosts, no. In Oriceran we call it something else. The world in between, and it’s very real. It’s one thing that gives even the adults nightmares. There are hideous things to be afraid of even where there is magic. Sometimes, because there is magic.”

“Why is it ghost stories always creep people out?”“Because sometimes they’re real.

High above in a window on the third floor a figure watched the street below. She did her best to concentrate and study the woman walking within a group toward 6th Street. “It is her!” she shouted, hearing the hollow echo the sound made in the dimension where she was trapped. The world in between. Even here, in this place, Mara Berens still felt the sharp pain of longing for something she couldn’t touch. Especially for the touch of her granddaughter.