Dante's Restaurant

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IFNE 02/5 Peyton sighed. “This place is kind of known for being popular with the older L.A. gangsters. According to the rumors I’ve heard, early meetings here twenty years ago helped birth the local dark magic underworld in L.A. You know, the kind of people that make people like Brownstone necessary. This is not a safe place. Far fucking from it. I haven’t heard anything to suggest this place isn’t still a popular dark magic underworld hangout. We’re sitting in a place where some magical assassin could show up any minute. . I can’t let my guard down long enough to take a bite.” Shay took another small sip of wine. “You can’t let your guard down anywhere. Here, you never forget, and sometimes the best way to stay alive is to remind yourself not to get complacent. That’s why I love coming here, and I’m always more relaxed overall than I am most places.”