Brewery Tavern

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TSONM 02/1 Located in Charlottesville. Outside light was a lantern. The bar was shadowed from the outside world with glamours, welcoming only the magical. The Charlottesville magical community prided themselves on keeping their magic positive, making sure those who dabbled in dark magic didn’t stay too long or cause trouble. The magical folks enjoyed heading out to the Tavern for laughs and long discussions on the new place of magic in the world. Displays of magic whirled through the Tavern as others clapped and laughed out loud—wizards’ and elves’ idea of karaoke.

Long wooden tables were spread throughout the tavern, and all the wood matched from floor to ceiling. It had been there for over a hundred years, built when the magical folk decided they needed somewhere to gather. The owner had brought strong milkwood bark from Oriceran to build the place, and it would probably still be standing long after the gates opened again thousands of years from now. The town was a stop for tourists, and for parents dropping off their kids at the School of Necessary Magic and the nearby University of Virginia. They usually went by for a quick bite on their way out of town.