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TUMB 06/14 The origin of Sample XJ422, Red Eyes, a mixture of human and Oriceran DNA, mutated through dark magic to create creatures to order, by the laboratory. So far, none of them had been useful, had mostly dies off soon after their origination, with the exception of Red Eyes, he had escaped, and ran rampant througfh the city, killing as he wished. The good part was that he was not yet strong and competent when brownstone killed him, or he would have been a horrible monster.

Even though it’s called Anders Laboratory, it’s not owned by Doctor Anders. Sure, he runs it and is nominally the CEO, but he’s not the one really calling the shots.” “Who is then?” “His investors, aka the local Mafia. They’re dumping a lot of money into that place through several shell companies. They’ve put a lot of effort into not being found easily.” It was built at the base of a mountain on the edge of town, with security guards, gates, a larger facility than it appeared, as it had been built into the mountain. It had two floors of locked-down cages, for their "experiments".